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Location: Brooklyn, NY
Linkedin: MargotCannon
Instagram: MargotElyse
Calendly: MargotElyse

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My career has spanned several industries, from education to advertising to product design, and the teams I’ve led have successfully shipped several products and campaigns under budget and before deadline. 

I strongly believe every successful design process requires collaboration, an obsession with detail, and a willingness to jump in and get things done.

It’s my passion for understanding the core nature of the project which has driven me to thrive in creative roles. In fact, I take my greatest joy in that ah-ha moment of discovering what works best for each unique problem. I feel designers often fall into the trap of standardizing all of their work, which creates a great uniformity, but lacks the vital human element that makes a piece “sticky”.

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If you’re looking for a passionate designer trying to make the world a better place through thoughtful, intuitive design, I’m your gal.

I help small businesses find the path to launch.

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