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Please enjoy. Motion Graphics

On 24, Oct 2019 | In | By MargotElyse Motion Graphics


While at iSpot, I worked with the Marketing team to create and edit many motion graphics projects. Here are a few of my personal favorites.

Times Square Billboard

Check it out! This billboard was featured in the article “7 Times Digital Signage Became Works of Visual Art” 

iSpot TV is an ad measurement company that has recently taught industry how it’s done by delivering one of the most visually rich DOOH campaigns of the year. Also, they did it on Times Square which is the most desired advertising space in the world. With a powerful slogan “Bold brands break old habits” there is a ball that falls through three big vertical screens. The result is an impressive and disruptive attention-grabbing ad. Demo Explainer

Mobile Charging Station

I was responsible for both the animated video and full wrap for the station.