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Odds and EndsOdds and EndsOdds and EndsOdds and EndsOdds and EndsOdds and Ends

On 14, Feb 2018 | In | By MargotElyse

Odds and Ends

This is a collection of odds and ends I’ve done for clients and as personal projects. All were completed in illustrator unless noted otherwise.


Logos & Branding

Side of truck re-branding. Original logo in the corner



UI Design & Prototyping

UI mockups for potential investors, and game design elements

made in Photoshop

Made in Photoshop


GameFilm_mockup_v2_2014 03 27 1700PST

Made in Photoshop

Illustration & Animation

My motion reel (including work done at 1/29 and more of my earlier work) from 2012



Originally made 15, starting with Obama and then working my way forward from Washington.

Digital painting

made in Photoshop

B&W Photo colorization

Silly gifs and sketches based on jokes

Made in Photoshop

Response to a friend’s young daughter who thought “daddy works in advertising” meant he stood on the sidewalk in a hotdog costume holding a sign.

Coloring book pages

Other people enjoy coloring – I prefer making the outlines.

Game development: Global Game Jam 2018

Over the course of 48 hours, my small team of 5 made a playable waterstrider emulator. I was responsible for theme, look, animation and David Attenburough “quotes”.


A random Sunday afternoon

Because I had Legos and an afternoon to burn. Yarr!

Cakes & Chocolates

So, I know this isn’t “traditional” illustration – but for me, it’s no different than sculpting or painting. I start my cakes with a concept and a sketch. I focus on the user’s experience when it comes to making chocolates – how does the flavor hit the tongue, what’s the texture, how satisfying is it and for what reasons? From making cakes, I’ve learned to be a better designer.

Thank you

No, really, thank you for taking time to look around- and asking to see more.

If you have any other questions, or specific types of work you’d like to see more of, please let me know.