About the designer

I’m Margot- a maker, and a lifetime learner. As a child, I would scape clay from the local creek to build houses to make a faerie garden. As an adult, I’ve sought the knowledge to create products/designs to tell the stories in the most effective way. In this pursuit, I’ve gone down a few rabbit holes- studying user experience, multiple forms of animation, and even chocolatiering. I let nothing stand in the way of achieving success, and take great satisfaction in the process of learning and sharing knowledge. I’m the person you want to work by your side.

What will we make together?

I’m an energetic designer with a million stories to tell. Based in Brooklyn, NY, I’m interested in new projects – wherever that may take me.


Animation, Branding

Collected Works


Alice Knows Karate

Animation, Illustration




Animation, UX/UI

Coloring pages